An Express massage, that uses deep tissue massages, LOMI LOMI hawaii massage, swedish efflurage, tui na, a  full - body massage to increase blood and lymphatic flow, includes head massage, reflexology, ballinese massages, using decleor Paris and a prescription of 36 plant oils, with all the warmth of a warm water massage on the 2 hour.  Skilled thoughtful caring, super friendly British or Swiss therapist< will help also with an stress related issues you may have and you can consult her free of charge after initial massage charge and take sample products home.

Euro 300 AE 1300. KW 130.  Swedish herbal swiss Euro 250 AE 1000

sports massage herbal oil full body
Euro 200  AE 850 to 1000. KW 100

Insomnia Anti-stress Evening lavender massage can be taken too.
Euro 300 to 400 AE 1200 to 1600

Ayurveda, Taomassage, Kundalini massage with yoga touch, lomi lomi massages, sooth, energise, Rejuvenate, our most popular massage, is just the thing after a long day in the office, an blissful pathway to get away from it all heaven... your nice therapist will use herbals such as cedarwood, chypre, and soothing oil free massage creams, and a ultra soothing rythm of magical touch massages, to create an endorphin after work high. clear the stress, feel light as air, a billionair massage thats affordable and exclusive for you.

Rates: 1 hour  special offer rates for December apply.

An indulgent treat, rose oil therapy, spa ritual, and perscription aromatherapy treatment, reflexology, and foot massages, elemnis, exfoliation skin treatment, rejuvenation and full body massages, with facial. 
Euro  200  AE 820 to 1400  depending on products and massages.


F1 formular one drivers massage
Deluxe sports massage, latest deep tissue therapy full body massage, remove all the aches strains, knots and tension. popular with sportsmen and popular with F1 drivers on the circuit, as well as golfers, tennis players. can be carefully adapted for your needs.

kundalini Sensational Massage Experience

"Kundalini" is defined as your body"s energy.. both spiritual both sensual, please read about Kundalini and Yoga, and Kundalini  massage, we trained in Osho, a famous ashram in India for specialised intense relaxation.. our therapists are specialists now.  (You can look up kundalini) or call for information 

kundalini and the rare sensational full body massage then offers the most amazing experience of flowing rythmic touches, sensual healing and energising each of the body's chakras.. warm  oils and soft music warm temple like enclave.. candels.. blissful peace. Your therapist is known as a Dakini, who will awaken your kundalini.. warmth healing comes from the therapist.. she will sooth away all of your negatvity, stress and tension, you feel like as if you are floating in paradise. Slowly your mind body and spirit awakens.. the energy of your hidden kundalini flows through you and feel utterly rejuvenated, renewed, young, vital, positive, and with a fully revitalised body and mind. Full body rebalanced harmony, magical, beautifully sensitive massages and gifted caring talented lady therapists, guide you to your nirvana.  We also teach Kundalini  and also Kundalini Yoga. also pranayama, breathing techniques. couples massages, and training for much more to improve your life. 1 to 2 hours

Also Hammam bath massage.. warm argan oils and bathing for a cleansing experience and morrocan bath


A Gourmet selection of massages personalised for your requests. A bespoke elite massage experience.. choose your massages and it will be done. just what you have been looking for .. a couture massage specifically suited and requested and unique to your massage wishes... please ask
we are waiting....


Facials for Her

We use Clarins, and now use the full tisserand aromatherapy range, with pure hyaluronic and collagen biospheres from Geneva and the gold mask.. available in certain countries.

Facials for Him

Yes guys, relax and enjoy the pampering, why should the girls have it all to themselves. You need to look younger for that important meeting? tired from a red eye long flight, thats not a good look when you have the biggest deal of your life clinch and need to face the bord, try our maximum tone 1 hour facial! The male celebrities on the films always look so good, how do they acheive it,  well its more than a nature, and they have regular facial perscriptive treatments, try one!

Going out on a date, freshen up with better than before facial for men. Combine it with a deep tissue tone massage.
Massage and slimming Therapies
in UK we have a range of Thalgo slimming massage treatments, lympth drainage seaweed wraps for toning you and reducing water retention. Also our individual therapists can provide, free of charge after the treatment, nutrition advise with the latest safe methods to loose kilos. Physiotherapists/fitness therapists can advise you on a easy to follow easy fitness regime, based on what really works for our celeb clients, and using fun time sparing us and uk fitness tips. Physiotherapists, can also give super circulation massages to release toxins, and tone your muscles to give you a refined body shape.


Want the best in a deep tissue sports massage? you got it!
Therapists have work with major football clubs like Manchester United or Chelsea, and provide the same type of recovery intense massage for you after your gym session or work out.. aid your muscles to recover quickly! we also deal with all sports and excersise stains and tiredness.