hello and welcome to our sensational massage service and spa, we understand your time is important and that you should receive the very best in your massage...  not the usual hum drum efforts that drive most of the clients to search for a better massage and you have just found it!

The original spa, and its partner network of wonderful therapists, offer a sensational above par elite massage and wellness service, based on the principle that every massage or wellness therapy, should leave the client feeling as if he or she is in heaven.. we started our spa and started training lady therapists who had excellent qualifications, and were well presented and exceptional in their care and dedication to their c;ients... they were trained in our special massage techniques, and presentation,luxury branded oils and products from Thalgo, clarins, chanel and Chompneys.. also our swiss herbal products.

Our therapists and partner international therapists, know how to deliver outstanding massages,  with consumate professionalism, and care for the wealthy elite and highly discerning CEOs and International business men and women, nothing is too much trouble in your massage and relaxation treatment, soothing care, kindness gentle care.  who ever your are,  we treat you as you really deserve.. someone special... leave feeling amazing...

  • 9 years of experience and regular satisfied clients spa
  • British lady therapists with advanced massage and health cerifiication.
  • Specialists in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatso, Lomi Lomi hawaii massage, Physiotherapy for sports 
  • INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS visit the spa or mobile therapists who will visit you when you can not travel or a simply to tired.
  • London West. Wentworth surrey, Manchester, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, kuwait, Dubai and Abu dhabi.
  • outstanding massage service made in England to make you feel made in heaven!
  • Massages, Facials, Sports Physiotherapy, slimming advice treatment, sports injuries, Yoga and yoga massages and tone.
  • 9 years of testimonials prove wie offer a better and dedicated elite massage service, along with our spa treatments.

please contact us by the contact form for advice or urgent appointments, we will reply promptly to your chosen contact number or office.

''' Really fabulous facials yesterday it was a better than expected from the the two ladies, really feel my skin is so soft and fresh looking, ps. carly enjoyed the massages. I am glad you could make it to the villa a short notice..

mariam Hassan, Carly S, Sue Pickens   (Palm Dubai home makers)

'' You have magical hands miss Mary... loved the massage session as usual. thanks for fitting me in, I have a good friend coming with his wife on saturday can you and your new massage colleagues arrange two spa home treatments with their vila and...

Saif Al ....  Wael m.. usra m.. ( Racing and construction Abu Dhabi)

as therapists working in London for years in West London, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the wealthiest people on the planet, they demand the absolute best in mobile therapy, massages, they demanded the very best the most innovative massage therapies, the lastest treatments, the best brands in spa treatments such as chanel, thalgo, Armani. and Swiss c, they expected amazing therapists to treat them like royals to give them a massage that was very special and ultimate in relaxation..

So we brought in the best lady therapists, retrained them to meet our clients sky high expectations, we recreated the massages on offer, designed a bespoke range of super massages using the best techniques, with butter soft touch soothing relaxation methods, gorgeous herbal oils, anti ageing creams, cellular rejenuration treatments, that are a fusion of the world's best massage techniques, and dream therapists....

We bring these billionair massages to everyone because we believe everyone should be treated to the best! dont you agree?  

Mary, Karen, Sandra, Ingrid,  Babthac CIDESCO


Sensational Massages is growing, we have partner spas and individual therapists in four countries.

5 massages and the massage relaxation therapies, can be taken in a luxury spa, or as a visit to you home mobile therapy. Depending on the location, it will be either a visit to your destination and your therapist will set up a mobile spa for your individual massage, or you can visit our registered spas, depending on the city or country if available.

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'' booked a massage for my husbands birthday in Dubai the masseuse was a lovely lady professional punctitual and nothing was too much trouble, she was a credit to the massage profession, she gave Jack a awesome sports massage, and I had a monaco facial it was so sublime relaxing we will be letting our friends know about your at home massage service, thanks to Julia and mary

kim H  (fashion publisher Dubai)
'' Wow loved the massage on Friday with Mary, she is very good physio massage lady, never I felt such a effective massage for my back, also the package with all different massages is something new to me I enjoyed too much thanking you all again. You have space for next thursday?

Mohammed Al B..  (Real estate Abu Dhabi)

''aA grazi mille you are my life saver every time I am here for racing I call you. I look forward to aroma Dubai massage. please send to me the oils for my bath at home. You are a talented young lady . Next time I will try the sports massage but now already I feel sooo very relaxed

Franco .....   (Lamborghini reg sales. director)
''All my back pain os now gone, thanks for your month massages, you never let me down and I feel as if my life is back on track, driving the car is easier too, just really you are the best massage therapy masseuse here. If you send Sarah next time when you both are away please make sure she is as uber good as you both...

Sunil R        (CEO shipping Mumbai/bahrain

Some of our London based and international partner therapists
    BABTHAC ITEC CIDESCO MSc physiotherapist Also Tantra Yoga and Tantric massage kundalini Yoga therapy gifted therapist from Wentworth her clients number many international celebrities from UK film and TV, also Royals in the UK, Netherlands, and Middle East, Saudi and Kuwait
    CIDESCO ITEC YOGA Therapist, Ayurveda, refexology, specialist in slimming ttreatments, caring bubbly therapist who also offers dance therapy Tantric Yoga, and herbal oils for ladies and couples International clients and visit programme
    BSc nursing ITEC NVq 3 Champneys spas and Steiner spa lead therapists. Also offers individual cruise clients a complete programe of wellness and relaxation using our Ayurveda and Yoga massage and fitness programme
    CIDESCO and Shiatso dip award winning massage therapist, with a soothing touch, much requested by our clients, she also offers our ladies facials, and gentleman"s rejuvenation Tantra massage 'White Tantra' facials and massage elite range